24 hours in Wanderlust: My Stay at the Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

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Wanderlust: the irresistible desire to travel and explore the world.  The Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore was the obvious choice for me to stay in, being a boutique hotel travel hub to the madcap voyagers and travelers. It combines an innovative creative freedom and use of space, to which it provides 29 thematic rooms. Recently awarded with the Best Boutique Hotel In Singapore 2013, the Wanderlust Hotel is an experience not just accommodation. 24wanderlust was fortunate enough to spend and experience 24 hours in wanderlust.

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The rooms at Wanderlust Hotel are an outstanding incentive towards booking at the hotel. Each floor offers a different theme and the rooms are designed accordingly. Level 2 is eccentricity, playful rooms rendered in different hues.  Offering either the Pantone or Pantone Deluxe rooms, each room is decorated in the same colour from the walls to the neon lights. To the right of the rainbow corridor that is Level 2, there is a rainbow tilled Jacuzzi for any of the guests use. Level 3 is the opposite end of the spectrum with a black and white contrasting theme. Walk through the black hallway into either the mono or mono deluxe contrasting white rooms with an origami and pop-art design.  Level 4 is the stop of which I hoped off, the whimsical floor.  Featuring 9 loft rooms with 5 varying themes, your jaw will drop as soon as you walk through your door. You may be treated with the Tree House room, the Bling room, the space room, the ASCII room or the room in which I was treated to – the typewriter room.

The type writer room had me in awe from first sight. With an open bathroom and a bath sitting in the lounge room, it is a room of which you must not be shy with whoever you are sharing with. A couch that resembles a giant type writer sat again the wall, with the top of it stretching out to all corners of the room. The bed is located up stairs and as soon as I lay down, I sank into the most comfortable bed and indulged into the design of the room around me. The Wanderlust Hotel rooms maximize the most of a small place and is a bucket list place to stay overnight.



Located in Little India, the Wanderlust Hotel is a convenient point of accommodation within Singapore. It is within walking distance of many shopping facilities such as the Sim Lim technology shopping centre and just a short cab ride to the highlights of the city, such as the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer. To one side of the hotel there is the modern setting of Singapore city and to the other side there are the alternative streets of Little India. Wanderlust Hotel may not offer the spectacular views as Marina Bay Sands does but it does offer a location in the heart of the city.

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The Cocotte restaurant offers an ideal way of dining whilst staying at the Wanderlust Hotel.  Located on the ground level of the hotel in an industrial glam setting, it is a perfect blend of the surrounding area with a contemporary design. I enjoyed a beautiful complimentary breakfast at the Cocotte  which was an American Breakfast and Fruit Salad. Although seeming like two basic dishes, the Cocotte cooked them to perfection.  The American Breakfast consisted of a reasonable portion of bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes and toast. The bacon and toast melted into your mouth and the tomatoes were incredible juicy and the eggs and hash browns were cooked perfectly. The fruit salad was so fresh and consisted of a medley of summer fruits, dragon fruit, banana, kiwi, melon and papaya tossed in a honey chardonnay dressing, with a sprinkle of lemon zest and a scoop of Greek yogurt on top.  Pancakes and cereal were also available. The Cocotte has been awarded as one of the top 500 restaurants within Singapore and after the beautiful breakfast, I was wishing that my flight later that day was after dinner.

Something Special

When arriving at the Wanderlust Hotel, I received the warmest of welcomes with a personalised post card, a Singapore adapter, a welcome cookie and friendly service by staff. As well as a personal itinerary: with information on the hotel and ideas of activities to do in the city. Staying at the Wanderlust Hotel left me in awe and definitely will make future hotel rooms seem quite plain after the eccentric style of the Wanderlust Hotel.

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Find Out More

Website: www.wanderlusthotel.com

Address: 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494

Phone: +65 6396 3322

Email: WLH-Res@unlistedcollection.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wanderlusthotel


24wanderlust was invited as a guest, however her opinion as always remains her own.

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