5sos Review – Supporting act for the One Direction Take Me Home World Tour – 21.10.13

5sos open up the Once Drection Take Me Home Tour with a brilliant performance.

5sos open up the Once Direction Take Me Home Tour on the third night in Brisbane with a brilliant performance.

I think it is safe to say that One Direction is a little bit fond of Australia (cue screamsss!), with all 3 of their opening acts coming from down under. Starting with Johnney Ruffo for their 2012, Up All Night World Tour, then Justice Crew for the Australian leg of their 2012, Up All Night World Tour and now finally the amazing 5 Seconds of Summer scored the gig on their 2013, Take Me Home World Tour.

Who are they?:

Luke Hemmings (17 – Guitar / Vocals) + Michael Clifford (17 – Guitar / Vocals) + Calum Hood (17 – Bass / Vocals) + Ashton Irwin (19 – Drums / Vocals)

= 5 seconds of summer

5sos started by posting videos of themselves performing covers of popular songs to YouTube. The most popular being their cover of the Chris Brown and Justin Bieber hit “Next to You” received over 800,000 hits.  Despite having had no promotion apart from on Facebook and Twitter, their first music release, an EP entitled Unplugged, reached number 3 on the iTunes chart in Australia. Described by 5sos their band’s sound is “a love child of all our influences”, like Blink-182, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Boys Like Girls and McFly. On the 7th of Decemeber 2012 they released their EP called Something New with songs Unpredictable, Out of My Limit, Beside You and Gotta Get Out.

The bromance between One Direction and 5sos was born when the 5sos boys flew over to London in 2012 to work on their music and ended up spending some quality time with those 5 loved One D boys (every teenage girl was green with envy). After a life changing call on the 14th of February, 2013 the 5sos boys had landed the gig of the support act for the One Direction 2013 Take Me Home World Tour.

5sos have also released three music videos which are ‘Out of My Limit‘, ‘Heartbreak Girl‘ and ‘Try Hard‘!


Although off to a late start, 5 seconds of summer had the crowd going crazy with their beautiful voices and faces, and of course Michael’s bright pink hair. Starting with ‘Out of My Limit‘ thousands of girls were on the feet, dancing, singing and screaming for our Aussie boys. Michael ran around the stage with such energy that all you could see was a pink blur, Luke was nearly doing the splits with such enthusiasm to play the guitar, Ashton had us all dancing with his beats and Calum kept smiling that heart melting smile that had all the girls screaming. Next came ‘Try Hard’, joined with a deafening roar of fans.

Okey, it’s probably a good time to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of 5sos before this concert – I knew them and I liked their music but I wasn’t a die-hard-face-pushed-up-against-the-back-fence-of-the-entertainment-center-all-day-just-to-get-a-glimpse-of-their-beautiful-hair kinda fan. Although now after seeing them live, being enveloped by their music, screaming their lyrics with thousands of other people and watching them run around the stage like the happiest lunatics in the world, it’s safe to say I have now turned into a not-the-face-pushed-up-against-the-back-fence-of-the-entertainment-center-all-day-just-to-get-a-glimpse-of-their-beautiful-hair-but-the-person-behind-the-face-pushed-up-against-the-back-fence-of-the-entertainment-center-all-day-just-to-get-a-glimpse-of-their-beautiful-hair kinda fan.

The boys then started screaming out ‘Hello Brisbane!’, which was followed by a sound that was so loud, my ears are still ringing two days later. They then continued to talk for a while, telling us about their day, constantly (and cutely) interrupting each other and pointing out (not that it was hard to miss) Michael newly dyed bright pink hair (was bright blue the day before). They were really funny and nice boys (well du-rrr they are from our wonderful country of Australia) and their time in London definitely had not affected those Aussie accents.

Lights out, Screams up for our Aussie Boys

Lights out, Screams up for our Aussie Boys

They slowed it down about with their beautiful song ‘Beside You’ and the entertainment center turned into something more beautiful than a starry night sky. Lights, phones and glow sticks glittered from every direction, filling the darkness with a spectacular ambiance. Everyone swayed from side to side, either holding their lights or corn-dog’s (okey, maybe not many people, but a little boy a few rows in front of me was) in the air. Next on the agenda was one of my favourite songs – Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. They performed it in such a unique way that their voices ran goosebumps down my arm. The crowd went nuts for their final song ‘Heartbreak Girl’, ending with a wicked drum solo by Ashton. It was over faster than you could say quidditch (sorry, I had too.. #harrypotterfandomproblems) and was a little hard to believe that they were only the support act. I had such a brilliant time whilst they were playing and would definitely go and see their world tour, when they finally do one! Although I must say travelling around the world with One Direction, is a pretty good alternative for them.





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