Alexandra Beach Resort

Alexandra Beach Resort, Sunshine Coast, Accommodation, Australia

It has started to become a tradition for my family to escape the Christmas holiday heat, by diving in to the pool and facilities of the Alexandra Beach Resort.  Even though it is only ten minutes away from my house, we have resorted to spending our Christmas time at the Alexandra Beach Resort, due to its peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Last year I spent Christmas in the snowy mountain of Austria and skyped with my family whilst they lay by the pool. However, this Christmas I was back in Australia and thankful to be floating in the water of that same pool to escape the heat.

Located across the road from the Alexandra Surf Life Saving Club and beach, it is an ideal place for a beach escape. At Alex Beach, you can find a handful of BBQ’s, a skate park, lovely picnic spots, a couple of cafes, a few shops and of course those beautiful six-pack, tan surf life savers running around. With a location like this, it is next to impossible to walk out at the end of your holidays without a calm state of mind.

Famous for its pool, the Alexandra Beach Resort Pool stretches out over the entire length of the resort, weaving around the entrances of apartments. With chrystal clear and refreshing water, it will be hard to drag yourself to any other part of the resort. Rocks, waterfalls, bridges, plants and many other details of the pool, make it such a relaxing place to float around. There are two slides for kids (and my Grandma) to play on, as well as two spas for the girls to have a good old gossip session. Pool chairs lay about near every corner of the pool, making it easy for the parents to keep and eye on the kids, without getting splashed. So take you towel, biggest bottle of sunscreen and a pair of swimmers and you will be set for entertainment, during you entire stay at the Alexandra Beach Resort.

Alexandra Beach Resort also offers many other facilities. BBQ’s are available for a couple of sizzling sausages during a swimming break. A gym is available for anybody who does not want to brave running up Alex Hill.   A playground for the kids and prearranged babysitting are available for if the parents want an hour to themselves. Complimentary parking and a tour desk are available to accommodate to your every needs. As well as in-room internet access for all guests.

Apartments range from studio to 4 bedroom and are available with walk into the pool entrance, beach views or many other options. If you would like to book a relaxing getaway at the Alexandra Beach Resort, click here!

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