Hotel Novotel NYC Times Square Review


The Hotel Novotel NYC Times Square is the ultimate way to indulge into New York City. Located on the door step of Times Square, you are instantly immersed into the electricity of Manhattan. The unique Midtown Luxury Hotel is within walking distance from the top three sights of Manhattan – Times Square, Central Park, and 5th Avenue.

After an early morning wake up in Vienna and a day of flying, I arrived at the Hotel Novotel Times Square in the early evening. The yellow taxi cub weaved through the bustling city and pulled up in front of a Hotel. With three stretch white limo’s out the front, Times Square to the left and the Late Show with David Letterman to the right; I nearly told the driver to keep driving as I thought he had mistaken the hotel.

I dragged my bags from the boot of the car, stood on the side walk, looked up at the building and I had fallen in love with a man; Manhattan (thank-you Carrie Diaries for my favourite quote). As I walked into the lobby and glanced out the window to famous city, I felt like I belonged… and yes, I did indeed have a snazzy soundtrack playing behind this cliche thought; but seriously the opening scene song of the first episode of Gilmore Girls (my favourite TV show) started playing as I stepped out of the elevator – could this be any more of a sign, I think not.

After checking in, I went up to my hotel room and received one of the biggest shocks – the view of my room. Below is a photo I took whilst sitting on the window sill of my room – can life get any better?

Novotel Night

There are 480 non smoking rooms, 24 accessible rooms and pets are accepted. Each room sleeps up to four people and has an King bed or Double beds, en suite bath/shower, sofa bed, work area, 46 inch LCD TV,  hair dryer, refrigerator and air condition. Not to mention a spectacular view and indulgent ambiance of NYC.

After a quick exploration of my room, I headed out for an even larger exploration – Times Square. It only took me 5 minutes to find a iconic foam Statue of Liberty hat and a matter of seconds to pose in front of Hershey’s Chocolate Store, New York City Police Department, The Hard Rock Cafe, M&M store, Mr Toy’s World, a thousand billboards and many other fabulous things offered within this theater district. It was even crazier to believe that all this was less than 100 meters from my hotel!

After an overwhelming and ‘bucket list moment’ night, I settled into one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in. However, that lasted for a whole two minutes. How could I be lying in bed when I could be sitting on the window sill, people watching the thousand of people running around in the city of lights at 3am? But the even better question was – How was it 3am?? It seemed like it was midday on a weekend, after all it is the city that never sleeps. If you are one for a peaceful and quite nights sleep, this is not the hotel for you. The array of colourful billboard lights from the district pore into the window and the sounds of car horns, people talking and city buzzing filled the room. Below, people were catching cabs and limos, people in 10 grand heels and people wearing spiderman suits, people shopping, people lazing about, people finishing work and people starting work – no matter where you looked there were a million people. If people watching was a job, I would make millions as it is truly one of my favourite things to do whilst abroad.

With the panoramic view of Broadway there is no better way to start the day than with a coffee at the Supernova. With a funky decor and playing with the idea of the ‘American comfort food with a luxurious taste’, the menu takes its influence from the current food trends popularized across America and definitely bought a smile to my face when I saw what was to offer at the buffet breakfast. As much as I loved all of the rich and cultural food of Europe, it was nice to have a big plate of bacon and eggs with a side of fluffy pancakes. Supernova is open from 6:30 AM to 12 AM and is a air conditioning, non smoking area with access to an incredible terrace. Whilst sipping a coffee and staring directly down at Times Square I felt like I had just married Zac Efron.

The Novotel New York Times Square if you join LECLUB ACCORHOTELS loyalty program. You can alternatively use the free wifi in reception. However, due to its high demand there is only enough time to make a quick hyperventilated overly excited status on Facebook. I opted for the second option.

Facebook Status NYC

Continuing to hyperventilate and with newly blue tipped hair, I ventured in the city of which I had been dreaming off for as long as I could remember. I was Rachel from Friends, Carrie from Sex and the City, Robin from How I Met Your Mother and every other female role that has ever stared in a movie in New York City.

My experience at Novotel would not have happened if it weren’t for the incredible Gabi, Pauli and Gerald from Austria. These three people made my stay even more exciting and those days will remain in my heart forever. Thankyou!

Hotel Novotel Times Square kept the New York energy alive each night after an eventful day of sight seeing. It was an incredibly opportunity to be able to stay at that Hotel and I know that I will definitely be back. Hotel Novotel Times Square will become your second home during the stay and it is the best way to win the heart of the city.


Address: 226 West 52nd Street, 10019 NEW YORK, UNITED STATES

Telephone: (+1)212/315-0100


Hotel Manager: Mr Marc Sternagel

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