‘I don’t know where I am going but I am heading in that direction’

In the last week I have completely changed my life. I ended a two-year relationship, quit university and decided to book a one way plane ticket out of Australia. Why? Why not…


Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened

For the last two years I have been in a relationship with somebody that truly showed me the meaning of this quote. A person full of such incredible positivity, love and support – someone who will always hold a strong and special place in my heart. He was the person that I shared so many beautiful moments with – the person who asked me if I was a ninja on school camp, the person who I first kissed at midnight in the pouring rain on the beach, the person that I shared an incredible group of friends with, the person that my family fell in love with, the person that I fell in love with, the person that kissed me on the cheek in our graduation photo booth, the person that I moved cities with, the person that I came home to every night, the person that hugged me when I cried, the person who I took on an adventure through Europe, the person that took me on an adventure through the snowy mountains – but most importantly the person that became my best friend.

Our personal paths in life forged together for the last two years – we were the right people for each other during that time. We helped each other become the people we are now and had a pretty darn good time doing so. However, we have reached the moment where we need to make our own paths, become passionate about our own things, travel our own journeys and most importantly live lives that we individually aspire to.

I was so fortunate to have met somebody so special at such a young age, and shared memories that will always make me smile.


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

I want to live a life crazier than my wildest dreams. I want to experience and explore as much as the world as possible. I think the most important value that travel has taught me is to embrace the unknown, as it normally opens doors and leads us down new paths that we never knew we were capable off.

At the start of the year I didn’t chose the University door or the gap year door, instead I chose both. I studied full-time, accelerated my course, and worked over 30 hours a week so that I could travel and earn a bachelor’s degree at the same time. There was never a moment where I regretted my decision – I genuinely enjoyed the content in my course, I loved my boss and fellow staff at work, and I was able to travel throughout Europe for a month. However, I began worrying about the small picture rather than the big picture. I had a hysterical break down just because I scratched my car. I got so angry when I found out my gym had been charging me for six months after I cancelled. I bitched to people about my bias University lecturer like there was no tomorrow. It was not degree, nor my life in Brisbane that led me to the decision to quit University but rather the way I was spending each of my 24 hours. I decided to change the way I was spending my time because of the things that I considered important, I no longer wanted to stress about a parking fine but rather be stressed about gee that avalanche is getting close. At the young age of 18, I have so much more time ahead of me to do anything I want. I am completely open towards completing university, just not at this current point in my life. Maybe in two years, maybe in five. Maybe in Sydney, maybe in Switzerland. Who knows? Only time will tell.

The moment that I closed the door on the idea of completing University now, ten doors opened in its place. I can honestly say that I have never felt so free and happy after pursuing my curiosity towards living more adventurous during this point in my life –  after all, doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do is happiness. Fortunately I have realised the changes I needed to make to have both.


I don’t know where I am going but I am heading in that direction

I no longer have a 10 year plan, nor a 1 year plan, not even a 1 month plan – I have a 24 hour plan. To be grateful for every day I am given, to keep moving forwards, to embracing unexpected opportunities, to living more passionately, to making my mark on the world and to most importantly being happy. On the 4th of October (exactly three years after my first solo trip overseas) I am flying away on a one way ticket. To where? Currently unknown yet exactly where I am meant to be.

I am looking forward to sharing this new journey with you. If you have any suggestions on ways I can fill my 24 hours – leave a comment below! My basic plan at the moment is to volunteer in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos) and then head up towards Europe to become fluent in Italian and German.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your next 24 hours


  • J says:

    This is a beautiful and incredibly admirable decision. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you–but we do both know this: that life is short and beautiful, and to write about the day is to know it for all its truth.

    Good luck.

  • Ashleigh Johnson-Moody says:

    Great read! I have traveled to Cambodia 3 times already and going on to my 4th in September! I would suggest in Cambodia to go to an orphanage called SCD (save the children of Cambodia for development) great kids who thrive education and English! (Phnom Pehn) Battambong is also a lovely town to visit also! Also in seim reap there is this amazing foundation called HUSK, they get groups who build houses, toilets etc for the poorest of the poor families. Vietnam is also so good! I only travelled around Vietnam though, no volunteer work though, however exploring Asia would be the most amazing experience ever! I hope you find your pathway, because I’m sure you can figure out your destination and peruse life to the fullest in no time!

  • Sadaf says:

    All the bessttt! 🙂 go girl.. Live your life to the fullest..!!

  • caroline says:

    Sometimes you just have to shake it up and a new plan will fall into place, in time. Hope you’re holding strong, you seem to have to firm feet on the ground so I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

  • Yndii P says:

    I loved that you were able to share this with us. I felt very inspired reading it!
    Most people go to University because it’s what everyone else does. They don’t take time off because it’s getting in the way of the five year plan. You can’t be truley happy if you don’t make your own rules. I love how you saw the problems in your life and you choose to turn them into reasons for doing more of what you love. I’m sort of on the same path. I’m leaving for Germany in less than a month to be somewhere that makes me happy. Do what makes you happy! 🙂

    I don’t know if you remember me but we’ve actually met before. You were in NYC last year at the WOW reader meet up, and I was the first other girl there. I saw your big hat and asked you if you were wearing it because of the meet up “theme”. Lol Well I’m Yndii, and after you finish your time in Asia and you need somewhere to stay during your travels in Germany, you’re more than welcome to come! 🙂

  • This is such a beautifully written article – best of luck!

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