Men in Pink

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASitting on the crumbling steps of an old church, licking a heavenly tasting tiramisu gelato my attention was captivated by some yelling in the distance. Screaming out rude words in Italian and carrying their pitch forks (or balloons pfft but what is really the difference), marching as one they descended down the main shopping street of Torino, Italy.

The locals around didn’t even take more than a second to glance at them, after all this was a regular occurrence. The Italians could even have their own calendar dedicated to strikes and protests, there are so many. Today it was for the public transport for trains, two days later it would be public transport for buses, last week it was low wages. In the last few years the Italians have not been as happy as they were about many things especially public transport and wages, therefore the get out their protesting balloons and banners and march their worries away.

The television stations show angry, abusive people at protests. No way in the world when getting caught in the midst of a protest did I expect men in pink skirts. There they were a group of around twenty, walking around with the rest. Banging out sounds on the metal drums that rang in your ears for days, joined with some Italian chants they trying to hypnotize (along with some swirly pink headbands) people to follow them.  In the dreadlocks that went to their feet they had headbands with a white and pink spiral circle. Waving their heads around to the beat of the metal drum the spirals made you dizzy just looking at them for a few seconds. It didn’t stop there; on their bodies you didn’t see any hippy clothes which would have suited them. Instead they were wearing bright pink flowing skirts (yes, the guys as well) and a glittering silver sequined tight top. These men captivated the attention of many ladies, although probably not the way the guys would of hoped for.

As the crowd became so crowed full of people screaming for their rights, the excitement started to drift away as police started enclosing the crowd. This was my sign to get out of it before it turned into the video you see on the television coverage of the Italian protests. Not to mention I was on the phone to Mum in Australia, and she was getting a little nervous as I described those police.

It is sad how many protests that the Italians carry out and how many problems the people believe they have. Though the protest also showed how proud they are, even if they were wearing a bright pink skirt – they were standing up for what they believed in and that is something I do admire.


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