Mount Coolum By Sunset

Mount Coolum (2)

2 years ago Mount Coolum was a ghost town, but recently it has become one of the biggest trends for locals and tourists to say cheese; on top of the Mountain. With the beautiful panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast, stretching out from Noosa to Kawana; it offers one of the best photo opportunities on the Coast. Watch the sun rise from the water, experience the day with crystal clear blue skies, or even stargaze into the night. With a 20 minute walk up, it is a great place for families and even better place to go for a run. Being 208m in height, and having the best views of the coast, it is no wonder why getting a car park at the bottom of the mountain is next to impossible.

One the first day of 2014, a couple of friends and my self wanted to make the trek – although slightly different to usual. As it is the middle of summer, the 40 degree heat burns through the day and does not make for a nice climb. We had two options, either a climb at 4am or 6pm.. after going to bed at 3am after New Years Eve celebrations, it was an obvious choice of 6pm.

We packed a picnic filled with all sorts of tasty things and arrived at the bottom the mountain just after 6pm. We made the hike up and were on top of the mountain by 6.30pm. Although the trip up is more a stroll compared to most mountain climbing, it was made to be a lot harder as we were all wearing thongs and dresses. The climb was a little spontaneous and we hadn’t thought to go and get some proper footwear.

We were ready for a beautiful sunset, with a beautiful picnic, and the whole place to ourselves – although it seemed we weren’t the only ones trying to get a shot of the orange skies. The place was crowed with people all trying to get a photo, or complete their first day of their ‘be more active’ new years resolution.

At around 6.40pm the orange flares started dispersing into the sky, along with yellows and pinks. The view was best on the back of the mountain, looking out at the Glass House Mountains, rather than the front which was looking out at the coastline. Sitting their with our picnic and the dancing colours above, I could not think of a better time to experience Mount Coolum.

As the sun finally said its fair well, we switched to the front of the mountain. Now there was the carpet of sparkling lights across the coast line from all the houses and boats. Looking so incredible magical, the runway of the Sunshine Coast Airport was lit up, as it far welled planes that took off straight in front of us.

Mount Coolum (1)

Darkness hit and the mozzies were everywhere, swarming us back down the mountain in a attempt not to get bitten. With the flash lights from our phones we made our way back down the mountain, although took around 40 minutes. It was a little spooky at night going back down and we couldn’t 100% see where our feet where going, so we were a little more cautious.

A great adventure right in my backyard and one I would recommend anyone to do. Just be sure to wear good shoes (unlike me) and take a proper torch (phone torches are not sufficient). It was the perfect way to start 2014 and definitely my most treasured climb of Mount Coolum.

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