New York University

IMG_1279The yellow taxi pulls to a halt. I jumped out full of excitement. The clouds parted. A golden light pointed down on the most three important letters in the alphabet – NYU. Okay, Okay the clouds may not have parted and no there wasn’t a golden light, but in my head it sure seemed like it, because I was at the New York University.The place I spent hours and hours on their website, deciding which classes I would take and which residential halls I would live in, with even more hours was spent day dreaming about the day that I would be able to go. Who knows maybe I will, but that $43,200 attendance fee per year burns a whole straight through my wallet and is definitely not to kind with making this happen. But I was here, I was standing right in the middle of NYU! I was doing a tour of NYU!!!! I was practically already a student (in my mind anyway)!! WOOOO!!! I made it!!

Located in the middle of Manhattan and surrounding Washington Square Park lays the main NYU campus. Anchored in three main cities, NYU gives opportunities for people to attend from every sphere corner (mind boggling) of the world. The first being in New York, The second in Abu Dhabi and the third in Shanghai. Each of the cities staying on the same curriculum, but offering completely unique living and learning experience. Exchange programs are offered through the University and highly recommended for any student that attends – the NYU students get the opportunity to not only study in New York, Abu Dhabi or Shanghai but also spend a short time living and learning in either London, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Accra, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Florence, Madrid or Washington DC.  Being a highly recognised international school, the NYU New York campus plays host to students from over 90 different countries, speaking over 70 different languages. This aspect of diversity, travel and international uniqueness brings my dreams and aspirations to NYU quicker than a dog chasing a bone.

With over 2,700 courses available in 10 academic schools, there is no way one person could not find something they are interested in. With such a wide range it brings into the University a diverse group of students – giving students such a unique experience to make friends. The academic schools available at NYU are; College of Arts and Science, College of Nursing, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Liberal Studies, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Silver School of Social Work, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Tisch School of the Arts and then my favourite – the Gallatin School of Individual Learning. The Gallatin School, named after Albert Gallatin who founded NYU in 1831 is an innovation and individualised way of learning. It offers an opportunity to every person – as this is the place to make any degree happen for you. Using the course curriculums available you can combine many classes and courses to invent your own degree, along with the help of a guidance councillor. It is the most flexible degree available whilst staying extremely academic. Gallatin is well known for an extensive internship program and helps everyone achieve their personal goals. There was one guy that made a degree in Comics – combining Creative Writing, Art and a few other courses. He now works for Marvel Comics. This program opens up a door the size of the Buckingham Palace Gates for all students– a place to make any dreams come true.

Not only is there an extensive list of courses available but also over 400 clubs open for any student to get involved. Like every stereotypical American Blockbuster, there is the Debating Club, Study Clubs, German Club and so on. There are  sporting clubs – Lacrosse, Baseball, so on and my favourite – Quiditch! But what is not expected is clubs like the Chicken and Rice Club – where they go around Manhattan tasting and deciding where to get the best “Street Meat” and yes NYU gives them money to do that. So whether it is Disney Princesses or Heavy Metal you will surely find a club for you. If not find one other student that is niterested in your club idea and kabam a new club can be created.

Course, Clubs – already so busy, could there really be more? – well of course, it’s NYU. Events offered by the University and Students keep the calendar packed. Talent shows like the one Lady Gaga entered when she went to this University (she came second by the way to her manager) are offered all around campus to keep yourself busy. But wait ,you are also a few minutes cab ride away from Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue and a million other places; it is impossible to get bored. After all it is the city that never sleeps – you have a million and a hundred options going all around the clock. Catch a game at Yankee Stadium, or a number one Musical on Broadway, go out to dinner in Tribeca or a ferry through the Hudson River. Sounds like they life ayeeee? But those dollars would certainly add up – don’t worry going to the University you will get many opportunities for all those things and more for free (my favourite number).

However it is now time to sleep – walking like a zombie just thinking about a crazy life like that of course the University offers you a place at the residential halls. An extra $16,000 (pfft Mr lotto come out come out where ever you are). NYU guarantees to get you a place in one of the halls, if not straight away they will put you in a hotel at their expense until you do, an option I really wouldn’t mind. The rooms are shared with an average of two people and the people of your floor become like a family.

“There’s nowhere any the world I would rather be,

Every one put your hands in there air,

Say yeahh yeahhh!

Hear it for New York,

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of,

There’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York”

–      Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind”

Summed up in a few lines from a song – New York. The place where my dreams are made of, the place that nowhere in the world I would rather be.


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