Skype: The Best Means of Communication while Travelling

Skyping with the family from the top of Swiss Alps in Arosa, Switzerland

Skyping with the family from the top of Swiss Alps in Arosa, Switzerland

Staying in touch with family and friends whilst abroad is getting easier and easier, with the all the means of social media. Back in the olden days (okey like 20 years ago) when my Mum did a year exchange, her communication back home was primarily from letters – in which they wrote so tiny and double sided, just so the paper could weigh less. Now days we have Facebook, Email and so many more – my favorite though is Skype.

Why is Skype brilliant?

  1. Any where, Any time, Any place – No matter where in the world you are you will still be able to check in back home or share a beautiful view with your family and friends. In the photo above I was on top of a mountain in Switzerland in the beautiful place of Arosa, Switzerland and was able to show my brother the beautiful landscape. 
  2. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap – Your wallet doesn’t need to cry whenever you call back home with this beautiful technology. Where ever you can get internet – you can call. Fortunately now being able to find free wifi is easier than ever.  To make calls in the country you are in it is s more convient idea to have a sim card with a couple of dollars on it, however when calling abroad Skype is the way to go. If you are calling somebody else with Skype it is free, however if you are calling a actual phone it will cost a little extra – nothing compared to what you would have to pay with a sim card though.
  3. Apps – Now you can download the Skype app, which means you don’t even need to be on a computer to use this perfect way of communication
  4. IMG_48544143277362No missing a special event – I was in Austria at the time of Christmas last year and it was my first Christmas without my family. Actually not really, I was able to be with them through Skype and even open my parents (more my Sister opened them and I watched), as well as being able to show them my beautiful views of some snowy capped Austrian mountains.
  5. No lengthy emails – There is no need to spend an hour writing a huge email or Facebook message to give your family or friends a bit of detail about your trip. Simply get on Skype, and tell them – you will most likely be able tell them even more than you would of in an email. Plus here all about what is going on at home!
  6. Screen Sharing – Do you have a photo with a really funny story behind it? There is no need to write a huge thing about it on Facebook that no one will actually read. Share you screen and show the person you are Skyping with a couple of highlight photos or videos, along with the story behind it.
  7. Grandparents – While alot of Grandparants arn’t as cool as my Nana (who not only has Facebook, but can even do love hearts and smiley faces on it) and don’t have Facebook or other social media profiles, it is a great way to keep them up to date on what is happening. It is simple for them to use and I am sure the would absoloutly love to hear about your adventures.
  8. Keeps you together – If you are starting to feel a little lonely, or just need a few comforting words from Mum – Skype will help you with what ever you need

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