Times Square – The City that Never Sleeps

SONY DSCThe city that never sleeps – that is beyond obvious at the world’s number one most visited place in the world. Shops close at 2am, restaurants are open 24 hours, limousines pass by every minute, thousands of people at every corner and the hundreds of lit up billboards keeping daylight in Times Square; even at 3am.

Named after one of the most well-known newspapers in the country; The New York Times, Times Square is the tourist hot-spot of New York City. Starting off as a red light district, Times Square has luckily changed its image; now being the place where dreams are made of.  Thousands of people bustle through the Times Square each day, all carrying the amazing New York glow and such diversity.  The view from my incredible hotel at the Novotel Times Square, you could see them all bustling along the streets, looking like a million ants that have found something very sweet and sugary.

Like myself there were the tourists walking around excitedly –  their eyes the size of owls taking in everything. With a good old stereotypical foam Statue of Liberty hat I melted right into the crowed, hoping from one souvenir shop to the next – stocking up on ‘I love New York’ merchandise. Controversial to my foam hat, you have the gold glittering stiletto heels, stepping out of the limo’s in thousand dollar outfits. On the curbs in which the limo’s park, the homeless sit asking people for just a penny. Then there are the street dancers, street artists, film makers, the singers, and the famous naked cowboy giving the ambiance that makes you high on life.  But wait, was that Iron Man that you just walked past? and oh look the Smurfs are over the standing by the Hard Rock Café.  Whether you’re up for a glamorous night or a selfie with Spiderman – Times Square is the place for all.

Every tv show, movie and book I read it was a common fact that the New Yorkers had a bit of a bite towards tourists – although that was quiet the opposite. They were the nicest and most accommodating people I have met – all wanting to help you with anything and all having that fabulous New York glow. I don’t know if it was just my excitement or the New York air but everyone in New York had a certain glow about them being surrounded by such a ravishing city!

Walking through Times Square at 2am after a day filled with tours of New York University, strolls through Central Park and helicopter flights of Manhattan was one of the most exciting times of my life – I felt like I belonged in New York. Feeling like Carrie from the Carrie Diaries, my heart was captured by the city and the whirlwind of the New York shall stay with me forever.


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