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If it weren’t for the trending Instagram photo’s from this darling cafe, I would have driven passed it thinking it was the garage of some one’s house. The location completely underestimates the experience of dining at The Velo Project. Around the corner from bustling Mooloolaba beach is The Velo Project in the middle of suburbia at 19 Careela St. Although as soon as you wander into the cafe, the fact that you are in the middle of suburbia vanishes instantly.

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This is a story from the HEART about a girl who had a dream to create a space to share between like minded people. Splendid coffee, fresh and simple food, folky music…… and a bowerbirds nest of goodies to nuture the soul and inspire creativity.

The Velo Project is a unique cafe with a brilliant atmosphere and french ambiance. It is that dream you have about drinking coffee at a cafe in Paris that you can indulge in locally right here at Velo. The waiters are dressed in blue and white along with a beret, the only thing missing is that sleazy french man mustache and Bienvenue en France! Open from 7am to 3pm every day, The Velo Project embraces five words – Create, Eat, Drink, Listen, Laugh. These five words are expressed and experienced through the attitudes of the staff, the decorations and design of the cafe and the outstanding quality of the food.

As The Velo Project works up a storm on Instagram and other social media sites – their jam jar drinks and beautiful presentation of food make the dining experience all the more unique. Together with my Mum, we split one savory and one sweet crepe along with a turkish delight milkshake.

Beginning with the savory, we indulged in a crepe that tied with ones that I had eaten in Paris – Confit tomato, mushrooms, baby spinach, and goats cheese feta . The mushrooms had been baked in a garlic and thyme oil, then fried, which when combined with the taste of the smooth goats cheese feta, juiciness of the confit tomato and flavor of the crepe – created the most mouth watering meal. All of which was for the reasonable price of $17.50.

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To add a little sweetness to our day, we ordered the banana, chocolate and cream crepe. Although not as indulgent as the first, it was another beautifully tasting crepe.

In the cute little jam jar was a turkish delight milkshake of which was the best drink I have had in a long time (I’m a little bit, or a lot in love with the taste of turkish delight). It tasted as if you were drinking liquid turkish delight – not the milk chocolate fake one, but the proper rose water one. It went beautifully with the rest of the meal and I know I will be riding my bike back quite a few times to get another sip of that milkshake.

Whether you are after a cute date, family outing or just a nice time with friends – The Velo Project caters for all. Just as I was leaving, I noticed a quote written on one of the bricks of the wall – ‘Your life is like a bicycle, you need balance to continue forward’. The Velo Project balances creativity, brilliant food and drinks and an enjoyable time full of laughter; making the experience equal with the quality of the food – phenomenal.

Address: 19 Careela St, Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia, 4557

Phone: 07 5444 8693




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