Top 5 Aussie Autumn Destinations!

Fitzroy Island, Back, BeachAs Autumn is upon us now in Australia, I decided to comprise a list of the top 5 Aussie Autumn destinations. Our leaves may not turn a fiery orange but it is a definitely a beautiful season in Australia.

Fiztroy Island (My personal favourite Aussie Autumn location)

Either scuba dive, snorkel or swim among the colourful reef and fish, or relax with a cocktail (mock-tail for me) at the in pool bar, whilst overlooking the sunset. The weather is beautiful and most importantly there are turtles at this time of the year! Swim beside a turtle as is gracefully moves around the ocean or watch the hatching unfold of hundreds of  turtles try and make their way down to the beach.

Canberra, Australia

I am not advertising Canberra because of the destination but because of an particular Autumn event. During the second week of March, Canberra’s blue skies are filled with hot-air balloons. Each year there are a few unusually shaped balloons, this year there’ll be a kangaroo!

Blue Mountains, Australia

Leura, Blackheath and Katoomba are all beautiful destinations in Autumn. This is true Autumn in the best sense – crisp fresh air, rich earthy smells and the occasional morning frost underfoot. Leave your makeup and hair straighteners at home and enjoy the beautiful nature that Australia has to offer.

Yarra Valley, Australia

Yarra Valley is home to more than 80 wineries and is known for its fresh produce such as freshwater salmon, trout and handmade cheeses. A perfect place for a picnic – Yarra Valley is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Dandenong Ranges

Just down the road from Yarra Valley, the incredible nature of Dandenong Ranges is present. In a picturesque setting of forests and ferns , Dandenongs caters for all – whether you are an nature lover, an outdoor adventurer, art enthusiast, a foodie or seeking relaxation.


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