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Mosque (2)On the Go Tours is an experienced, knowledgeable and family friendly tour company, with a passion for helping you experience the best of a country. Travelling to places such as India, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, China, South America, Africa, Sri Lanka and South East Asia, they offer either group or private tours. With a range of alternative experiences and options, On the Go Tours is a fantastic way to get to know a country. During April this year, I explored the Golden Triangle in India with On the Go Tours on the Taj Express Tour. The week tour was immaculate and I would definitely recommend the tour to any other wanderlusters. I have comprised a list of the top ten reasons on why you should travel to India with On the Go Tours, based on my personal experience.

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Best Option for a First Trip to India

When I initially told people I was going to India – I got either ‘Wow that is the last place I would want to go’ or ‘India is life changing’. The second obviously from those who have visited and the first from those who have created an opinion from stories and reputation. To be honest, India was never high on my bucket list, but after visiting it has become my favourite country of which I have explored. A lot of the people on the tour had held off from visiting this colourful country for the same reason – they were worried about getting Delhi Belly and all the other horror stories that India can be known for. On the Go Tours is the perfect way for a first trip to India as it is more sheltered than if travelling by yourself (not necessarily solo but unguided). On the Go Tours made sure our experience was always safe and showed us alternative areas, that could not be found in a guide book. By travelling with On the Go Tours, it creates an insight into the country and boosts your confidence when thinking about coming back by yourself. Personally, it opened my eyes to more area of the world that I would like to explore and ways in which to explore a unknown country.

So Much in so Little Time

On the Go Tour is the perfect name as you re truly always on the go. After the first day, I had felt like we had been travelling for a week due to the crazy itinerary we squeezed into one week. After three days we had been travelling for a month, after the full week I slept the whole 13 hour plane trip home. There is never a dull moment and I could never say ‘awh I wish we did that’ because we did everything! In between visiting monuments we were riding rickshaws and in between bus trips we were stopping over at Indian candy or alcohol stores in the middle of nowhere. It is safe to say that the week with On the Go Tours was very exhausting, but I would not of had it any other way.

Local Tour Guide

On the Go Tours believe that to experience the best of a country, is to see it through the eyes of the people. Therefore every tour is led by qualified, English speaking local guides. Satendra, was our tour guide and he will always have a special place in my heart. He was so incredibly helpful, kind, knowledgeable and truly added to our experience on the On the Go Tours Taj Express tour.  From helping us haggle with hawkers, to explaining the history of each monument, to recommending food, to making sure we were all up and on the bus each morning – Satendra was the brain of the group.

Mixed Group

When I first heard that I was going on a coach tour of India, I instantly associated coach tour with a tour full of retirees. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but as a 16 year old it is nice to be in more of a mixed group. On my tour, there were 26 people; all of whom were a diverse age were from a diverse nationality, a diverse reason for choosing the tour and had a diverse travelling history. It was fantastic to listen to all of the travel stories from everyone and hear the reasons on why they chose India as the next tick on their bucket list. From family and friend reunions, to mother and daughter travels, to couples, to solos, to travel agents; there was not a dull moment. Everyone got along really well and I made many fantastic connections – in a couple of months when travelling in the U.S.A, I am going to be visiting Bea and Antonio from my tour group!


When travelling to a new country, especially one as culturally rich as India, the experience from the tour companies and guides makes a very big difference. On top of taking us to the best places of the areas, they were also able to give us factual and historical information, know the best time to go (E.g. Taj Mahal at sunset), provide a safe environment and know exactly how to please the tour group’s expectations. On the Go Tours prides itself on the years of research and experience, with quality partners to provide well planned holidays and the best experience as possible for every client.

3 or 4 Star Restaurants & Hotels

One of the most contrasting parts of the tour is going from the city exploring to the 3 or 4 star hotel. In all cities in which we travelled tour (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Alsisar) we had extremely classy, comfortable and clean accommodation. All accommodation reviews can be found here. As well as classy, comfortable and clean accommodation, we were taken to clean and safe eating areas. There was no worrying about getting sick, or becoming vegetarian for the week – as all the restaurants at which we ate t had an extremely good reputation and our guide always told us the best choices from the menu. No one got sick from the food or water while on the tour and the worries of Delhi belly were long gone.

Alisisar – Fourth Point of the Triangle

The Taj Express Tour is primarily a Golden Triangle tour –visiting Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. However, unlike most tour companies On the Go Tours added a fourth point to the Golden Triangle – Alsisar. Alsisar is yet again a completely different experience to the bigger cities such as Dehi, Agra and Jaipur. It is a little tiny town, with two hotels and lots time to interact with the locals. It also provides a central point in between the long bus trip from Jaipur back to Delhi.

Read about my day in Alsisar here.

Bus Trips

In any other country, long bus trips could be viewed as a negative. However not in India – the six hour bus trips were never a bore; with some of the most random sights. We would be passing past a field full of woman in their colourful saris cutting wheat by hand, and then suddenly a peacock jumps on the roof, but wait a minute was that a bus with 30 people on the roof! No matter where we were, there was always something to see and it was a great alternative to see more of the country during our short stay. Other tour companies (the more expensive ones) travel by plane between the three cities in the Golden Triangle loop, but they spend nearly the same amount of time travelling (with customs, waiting time, transfers and flights) and seeing nothing more than the clouds – which you can see in any country.

Add On Options

On the Go Tours offers a range of add on options for the Taj Express tour throughout the week. Whether you would like to go belly dancing or hot air ballooning – On the Go Tours will look after you. They also provide extremely helpful assistance for travelling out into the city alone in your free hours and provide time for you to shop in the hectic markets of Jaipur if you wish.

Set Departure

Set departures make planning a trip with On the Go Tours easy. No matter if there a two or twenty people, On the Go Tours will always depart on the set date (Taj Express departs every week). The set day confirms the trip and will make sure you have no messing around with flight dates or trying to get holidays time for work. Although, for some it may not be the best – for example, if you were wanting a coach tour but no one else booked and you were therefore now a private tour. Personally, the set departure was an helpful advantage – as I had to arrange my holiday around school and my two part time jobs.

24wanderlust was invited as a guest on the On the Go Tour Taj Express India Tour, however my opinion as always remains my own. 


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