Wanderlust: My Personal Meaning

Australia Flag, Arosa, Switzerland

Wanderlust; the desire or urge to travel and explore the world. Not all have it, but the ones that do will always hold it close to their heart forever. To have a lust to wander, to put down the map and get lost, to be free, to be inspired, to dream, to live, to laugh, to love. It is the discovery of new and the thriving of senses for the hopeless wander.

Wanderlust is the sound of laughing, crying, whispering and yelling. It is sounds of the mix of languages and tongues. It is the sounds of the bustling streets of New York and the peaceful serenity of Hawaiian waves at sunset. It is the sound of a spontaneous busker in a gondala lift travelling down a Swiss mountain.

Wanderlust is the taste of cioccolato caldo after exploring the streets of Florence. It is the taste of a warm rosti after skiing down the alps of Austria. It is the taste of airport food and the street vendors in India. It is the taste of fresh seafood out of the ocean of the Great Barrier Reef.

Wanderlust is the touch of a pair of lips in Paris. It is the touch of the heart from a stranger in Berlin. It is the touch of the camera as you capture precious moments into memories and the printed photo on your wall months later. It is the touch of your parents hands as you let go from them for the first time.

Wanderlust is the sight of a new city emerging from the clouds as you begin to land. It is the sight of Manhattan from the view of a helicopter. It is the sight of the cobble stones streets of Chur and the stars whilst tree camping in Elk. It is the sight of adventure.

Wanderlust is the feeling of belonging no matter who or where you are. It is the feeling of independence and freedom. It is the feeling of being lost and being found. It is the feeling of overwhelming exhilaration as the plane heads towards the clouds.

Wanderlust is desire for non-regularity and the unexplored. It is the desire to leave again after a minute of being home. It is the desire for the new sounds, tastes, touches, sights and feelings. It is the desire to see more, do more, be more. It is the desire to live.

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*P.S – if you play Step Out by José González (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) in the background whilst reading this article, it will seem even snazzier!



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